YAKAWVAN Provides Scholarship to Karen Children in Pong Samit Village

YAKAWVAN’s Brand Representative, Miss Jannil Khanmakan and Mr. Theerapitchya Suebwonglee, traveled to Pong Samit Village in Mae Win District, Mae Wang Prefecture, Chiang Mai, Thailand which houses over 300 Karens to provide scholarships for a total of 3 students of Baan Huai Reep Primary School totaling to 15,000 Baht in scholarship money.

Karen Children that received scholarship from YAKAWVAN includes:
1) Ornrumpha Yawamue (3rd grade) received 5,000 Baht in scholarship money
2) Pattaphee Pakornwatee (4th grade) received 5,000 Baht in scholarship money
3) Patchara Kaludumpai (Kindergarten) received 5,000 Baht in scholarship money

This scholarship is made up of the percentage of the income generated through selling YAKAWVAN’s product that uses Pakakeryor’s silk to combine with modern leather crafts to create a unique piece of art. This scholarship will cover tuition fees, school material fees, and clothing fees.

YAKAWVAN sincerely thanks everyone of our customers for aiding our brand’s growth and we wish to provide a better and unique product in the future.

Creating Sustainable Job for Pakakeryors

Coming from the roots of Pakakeryors, YA’KAW’VAN strives to create better paying and sustainable jobs for the women of the Pakakeryors. Each day, every women has to wake up at 5 AM in the morning and walk at least 2 kilometers to their crop fields to harvest the crops that they grow. These crops are then sold to a local market buyers that bargain the price down very low to the point that they actually lose money due to the increasing price of the farming materials (fertilizers and pesticides). 

Creating a job from a work that each women has to do on a day to day basis such as weaving their own clothing will not only provide a better living condition for these women, but also receive better payments as well. YA’KAW’VAN promises to buy the silks handcrafted by the Pakakeryor women at a fair trade and a portion of the profit will go back to the community to provide all the necessary tools for these women to showcase their craftsmanship. 

Rebuilding the Whole Community

The Pakakeryor S’gaw villages used to be prosperous back when the price floor of the crops were controlled by the government. However, nowadays the crops price falls down severely that teenagers and working men starts to smuggle in illegal drugs instead. YA’KAW’VAN aims to tackle this problem by giving back a portion of its profit towards funding proper educations for the Pakakeryor children. Tuition grants will be provided as a scholarship to raise the standard of the education of the new generations so that they have a chance to seek better job opportunities.