It All Starts With The Artisan

Every product has its story, and YA’KAW’VAN is no exception. Using the same method that has been used from previous generations, each Pakakeryor fabrics that is used in every YA’KAW’VAN’s product is made with using only silk strands and wood looms. Every strand of silk is put through the wood loom one by one to create a tight tension in between, creating a strong and durable silk that can withstand usage over many years. Each fabric takes at least 4 days to complete, with the more complex designs taking up to over 2 weeks. 

Coloring the dye is another technique that has been pass down from generations to generations as well. To produce a stunning color that sticks onto the silk, each strands of silk will undergo a process of silk dyeing that can take up to 48 hours to make the color stick and will have to be sun-dried for another 24 hours. This is to contain the color within the silk, preventing the color to fade over time.

Quality over Quantity

Each YA’KAW’VAN’s product highlights only handcrafted Pakakeryor fabrics not only to showcase the artisan’s work, but also to prove a cause. Nowadays many silk manufacturers opted for a machine production that produce mass amounts of the same designs as ones that is handmade. However, the differences between quality can be seen easily when compared side by side. The fabric on the left is made through the traditional handcrafted way while the fabric on the right is made through machine productions. Right away the difference is noticeable : Machine produced fabric’s tension between each silk stroke is very loose and the design pattern lacks the beauty when compared to handmade silks.

Pattern and the tightness of the silk is an essential factor that makes YA’KAW’VAN who we are today. To keep the Pakakeryor’s design alive, we will be using only the selected best quality fabrics with predominant designs.

Over 2 Decades of Skilled Leatherwork

YA’KAW’VAN partners with a group of skillful leather artisans in Bangkok, Thailand whom have created more than 20 well-known leather bags and leather craft brands. With over 2 decade of experiences, these artisans only create top-quality products that combines full-grained leather with Pakakeryor silk to create a one-of-a-kind pieces of art.

Each YA’KAW’VAN’s product only uses the top-notch leather quality, specifically Nappa leathers that is known for the its soft finish giving the prestigious looks. Nappa leathers are often used in the production of super car seating which given the quality of this type of leather, each of YA’KAW’VAN’s products will give you the distinctive look and feel that cannot be found anywhere else.