“My wish is to one day merge my heritage with modern fashion”
– Jannil Khanmakan

Jannil Khanmakan, a S’gaw Karen, originated from the mountainous area in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Grown to love art and designing since youth but was not given the opportunity due to her family’s under poverty status, Jannil fought her way through numerous jobs until one day she managed to get into Pailin World Fashion Academy (PWFA), a prestigious design academy in Thailand. Within the months of studying in PWFA, she began experimenting combining her mountainous heritage’s textiles with modern fashion and found that her designs are being praised as unique and intriguing. Thus, YA’KAW’VAN is born, using her native name “KAWVAN” or “Little Grass” in S’gaw language as an inspiration for the name

ผ้าทอ กระเป๋าตัง
Mixture of Lanna’s best silks and high-quality materials

YA’KAW’VAN’s intent is to mix the silk handwoven by indigenous people in the mountains of Chiang Mai, or Karens, using the same method passed down from generations to generations to create the unique Karen designs with high-quality materials. Using only top-grain leathers, YA’KAW’VAN strives to only provide the best materials available.

Usable with a unique fashion twist

Designing with usability in mind, YA’KAW’VAN creates the best designs to tackle everyday’s problem from fat and cluttered wallets to one-of-a-kind design bags that will aid with trivial everyday problems users may have. A design twist will also compliment the exclusivity that users may want to express to the society.

A social enterprise at heart

Growing in a harsh environment, Jannil knows very well of the much needed resources her people needs. YA’KAW’VAN’s main materials consist of native textiles handwoven through traditional wood loom or “Ta-Ber”. Every YA’KAW’VAN’s products sold will help grow the community and create jobs for the indigenous women as well as providing them with a fair and sustainable source of income. Thus will increase household income for the Karens and help accelerate their households out of poverty.

Pushing the limits

Jannil is always pushing her limits and create new designs all the time. She is looking towards creating the contemporary clothing lines combining Karen textiles with Thai fabrics to create one of a kind fashion piece. Follow us and our journey to create a new era of Lanna clothing.